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Alpha Laxavar

Alpha Laxavar

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Laxavar takes muscle science even further. This powerful combination of KSM-66® and Laxosterone for enhancing muscle response are well-established. For those working hard in the weight room, or deal with stressful environments, Laxavar is the perfect solution to increase your body’s response to muscle repair and reducing cortisol.

We can only do so much when controlling stressful surroundings, with 300mg of KSM-66® you’ll put yourself in such a better state that will reduce the stresses that life brings. And with 100mg of Laxosterone® you are sure to increase how the body synthesizes muscle protein, and build that much more muscle.

Whether you’re wanting to put on some serious muscle size, or in a caloric deficit for fat-loss, Alpha Laxavar is a product that anyone can benefit from to reach that goal!

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