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EC Sports

EC Sports Amino

EC Sports Amino

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Product Description:

EC Sports Amino BCAA+ EAAs formula was designed specifically to support hydration, prolong endurance, and maximize recovery.  With added electrolytes this formula will help replenish your body after the toughest workouts and enhance all aspects of your training regimen.

We use fermented BCAAs in our formula as other BCAA products are made from questionable sources –– like duck feathers and, in some cases, human hair. EC Sports takes pride in our unique fermentation process that ensures you’re getting maximum purity without the use of any harsh chemical solvents. As well, our unique fermentation process makes our formula vegan.

  • Increase protein synthesis with 5g of fermented branched-chain amino acids alongside 2.3g of essential amino acids.
  • Replenish critical electrolytes and minerals lost in sweat for optimal performance.
  • Support hydration with 500mg of coconut water powder
  • Versatile formula great for before, during, and after your workout.



30 Servings per container

DIRECTIONS: Mix 1-2 scoops with 8-16 fl oz water or your favorite beverage for 30 seconds. Adjust mixture to taste.

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